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Positive Solar works with you to provide an informed choice about solar energy and how to achieve energy independence. You can choose from our ready packaged specials or we will analyse your energy profile, determine a system size that suits your needs then give you system options.  Typically a good – better – best option is provided with a range of high quality products that we know offers excellent value.  If I was to use a car analogy, we would offer you a Hyundai/Kia, Holden/Ford, and Mercedes/BMW options for you to consider.  And, like features and prices of cars, the choice of which solar power system becomes a personal one.

Positive solar also offers packaged systems for home owners and businesses.  We do this because a large proportion of people have the same or similar needs.  For example, most homes use an average of 20-25 kWh (Kilowatt Hours) of power per day.  If you are in this category we offer readymade silver bullet solutions of 5 kW or 6.5kW,  all battery ready or compatible with batteries.  We also have a selection of batteries that are available for installation immediately.

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3 reasons ‘Why solar?’

Solar is perfect in many ways for Australia. We have many sunny days and even the days when it’s not shining we get excellent conditions to allow solar panels to work. Solar also fits conveniently on our roofs, a space that is wasted otherwise and it’s very unobtrusive unlike a wind turbine that is larger than life and makes much noise. Solar is silent, makes no waste and the free fuel used to make the panels work is endless & abundant.

The year 2017 will be forever documented as the year of power shortages. South Australia has seen blackouts more than once and ageing energy generating infrastructure doesn’t bode well for the future energy stability. Therefore, the answer is to be self sufficient as much as possible, generate your own electricity and store what you don’t use rather than exporting into the grid. Solar helps you achieve this ‘energy independence’.

The government is still paying an ‘incentive’ towards any one purchasing a solar system in the form of STC’s (Small Technology Certificates). Although this is being phased out (a reduction every year) the STC’s are still worth having and make an impact on the overall price of a solar system. Anyone who buys a solar system will have this incentive credited to their system when purchasing. Our advice is to get in now whilst STC’s are at their best.




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Our core customer values

Our expertise is in Energy Analysis, Solar Power System Design, Engineering, Procurement, Marketing and Logistics.

Our role is to inform you of your options for installing a solar power system whether you are a home or business.  None of our energy consultants are sales people – our main aim is to advise you about the type of solar system you should have and then provide and install this.  We truly believe that solar speaks for itself and our approach ensures you get to make an informed choice for a solar system that’s right for you.

Informed Service

The services we provide are the result of a combined 60+ years, between us, in the solar and renewable energy industry. We fully understand the decisions and financial outlay our customers have to make and it is our aim to help at every stage of the process.

Highest Standards

Everyone at Positive Solar believes that it is the standard of our products and services that defines us as being different from many others. Foremost, we are experts in the field of solar energy and want to use this knowledge to promote a sustainable and energy neutral future.

Professional Team

We’re energy consultants, not salespeople. That is a huge difference in our book and means that foremost we are focussed on helping you find a solar system that matches your requirements. We are not affiliated to any brands so our choice for your system is purely based on your needs.

Energy Independence

We provide solar system solutions for homes and businesses. We know that energy costs will not go down and we also recognise that government are slow to react to our power needs. That’s why we want to help you become ‘energy independent’ as much as possible.

Providing affordable energy solutions

We want those who live and work in Australia to have the opportunity to save money on their energy bills and we believe that at Positive Solar we can help you do just that.


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