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Rechargeable solar battery storage

Rechargeable solar battery storage – the GCL 5.6kWh home solution

GCL Poly – the world’s biggest provider of silicon and solar cells to the global solar industry – launched its new battery storage product onto the Australian market in May 2016, taking on Tesla, LG, Enphase and a host of other international and local competitors.


The E-KwBE

GCL’s battery storage units called ‘E-KwBE’ are based around technology from Panasonic and come in two sizes – 2.5kWh and 5.6kWh – and can be easily linked together with up to 8 units working together, providing up to 45kWh of storage. The great thing about the GCL batteries is they are compatible with existing solar systems and the expandability factor makes them an ideal battery choice.

The E-KwBE battery is made in a sleek design with numerous colour options, with the battery technology being Lithium Nickel Manganese cobalt oxide (LiNMC) which offers lower energy density, but longer battery life, and inherent safety. This is the same chemistry as the Tesla Powerwall.


Tech specs

Technical details include nominal output power of 3kW for the 5.6kWh unit. The battery weighs 45kg and is wall mounted. The products have a warranty of 7 years but a declared “life cycle” of more than 10 years. It is rated at 2,000 cycles at “full draw” – which is comparable with other battery products.

 gcl battery red

Battery capacity 5.6kW
Weight 40kg
Maximise your self-consumption Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity that charges the battery for your own home electricity needs.
Load shifting Bridge the gap between peak solar and peak demand, avoid paying heavy peak power charges to the electricity grid.
Back-up Power Assures power in the event of a power outage such as a blackout or energy grid issue.
Inverter compatibility Compatible with the main inverter solutions on the market.
Common sense factor Maximize the use of free energy from the sun and lower the costly fossil fuel from the grid.

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